The Chopin-Sand Letters

The Secret in the Hall of Records





The Chopin-Sand Letters

Set in Prague in 1951, The Chopin-Sand Letters is the story of an American spy's obsessive love for a ravishing Czech woman with a secret of her own. His quest is complicated by three other men — one of them her husband, a concert pianist — who are also in love with her.

The story involves a packet of love letters written by George Sand to Frédéric Chopin during their nine-year affair. The letters mysteriously appear in Prague a century later and soon develop a significance beyond their historical interest.

Prague is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world, with an air of enigma and melancholy appropriate to the love story around which the spy tale is wrapped. Set in a time when Czechoslovakia was in great economic and political turmoil, the book depicts intrigue and passion against a backdrop of the Cold War.

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